Council is pleased to share with community and stakeholders the KPMG Final Report on the ‘Independent Audit and Analysis of Government and Government Funded Services Delivered to Mornington Island’.

The report provides information about providers, duplication of efforts, service … Read More

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Welcome to the first edition of your Council community newsletter, Mornington News, highlighting all the news and achievements happening across Mornington Island. READ IT Read More

Mornington Shire Council has a number of Major Constructions in early 2023 and will be required to accommodate a large number of contractors. At present, Council is experiencing a shortage of accommodation and is seeking additional accommodation for lease for … Read More

Mornington Shire Council (“Council”) has adopted a Wandering Horses Strategy.

This Strategy aims to address the issue of wandering horses in the community by either relocating them to Council’s Designated Horse Enclosure or by relocating the animal to … Read More


Mornington Shire Council (“Council”) wishes to advise the community that it will be seizing all horses that are found wandering at large and impounding them at Council’s Horse Enclosure Area.

Mustering will be carried … Read More

Please be aware that on Memorial Day, Wednesday 24 November, fuel will be only be available for purchase between 8am till 11am.

We apologise for any inconvenience.… Read More

Take the time to watch this story by The Feed on SBS covering the damage that home brew is having on our island’s people,
and our work to see a liquor licence reinstated as we continue negotiations with the Queensland … Read More

In accordance with Sections 50 and 51 of the Planning Act 2016, Mornington Shire Council is seeking a Development Permit
Material Change of Use, Operational Work, and Reconfiguring a Lot to establish the proposed Mornington Shire Council Administration Office, Future … Read More

Mornington Shire Council (“Council”) has resolved to propose amendments to Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2016 to:

  1. require stallions to be desexed by the age of 12 months unless otherwise approved by Chief Executive Officer.
  2. include
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It is with pleasure that I present the Mornington Shire Council’s Budget for 2021/22 Financial Year.

Council finished the 2020/21 Financial Year with an estimated operational deficit of some 9% of total operational income.This compares to an average five-year operational

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