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Animal Control


The Animal Management Program aims to improve the health and wellbeing of companion animals and improve the overall health and wellbeing of our community and residents.

The program delivers a range of veterinary and animal welfare services regularly for Mornington Island residents, as well as working to educate residents on Local Laws as they relate to animal control and assisting them to ensure they abide by these conditions.

Council is committed to providing a level of vet services understanding there are key community needs respecting animal control and management. This includes exploring options for animal population control, educating community members, and developing skills and capacity within the community to support our program.

There is no permanent vet on the island (at present), however, Vet visits will occur every 3months. A qualified Animal Control Officer is based permanently on the Island and works closely with our Vet to support you with a wide range of services between vet visits. If it’s urgent, don’t put off seeing our team until the Vet arrives.

Contact the Clinic

Clinic Hours may vary so give our Animal Control Officer a call on 0418 990 354 before your visit.

All Vet visits will be promoted in advance so you have time to book your appointment. Leave your details with the Animal Control Officer to make sure you are booked in on the next Vet visit.

Make an appointment

Our Animal Control Officer offers a drop-in clinic so residents can attend as they need to. Our team is also happy to undertake house visits if required.

A Vet visits the island every 3 months to undertake surgeries and desexing and help treat any other serious illnesses. It’s important you book an appointment with the Vet if you need any of these treatments.

Facility and Equipment Hire

Our team offers the below services to residents of Mornington Island. Some services are only available during visits by the Vet, others can be arranged at any time with our Animal Control Officer. Check with our staff for current clinic hours as they may vary.


  • Desexing dogs & cats (on vet visit only)
  • Worm, Tick and Flea medication and treatment (year round)
  • Health checks and education (year round)
  • Horse worming (year round)•Colt Desexing (on vet visit only)
  • General vaccinations (year round)
  • Parvo Vaccinations (paid) (year round)
  • Microchipping (paid) (year round)
    See our Schedule of Fees & Charges for any and all costs associated with the above services.

Purchase products for your pet

You can purchase the below from the Clinic

  • Shampoos
  • Flea & Tick medication
  • Collars
  • Vaccines & Worming medication (dog/cat/horse)