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Waste Management

Mornington Shire Council operates one waste management facility. There are currently no recycling services offered on the island.

Contact: (07) 4745 XYXY
Address: TBC
Opening hours: TBC

Domestic Waste & Dumping

Residents may access the facility at no cost to dispose of household waste from their property.

Please view the list of items accepted at the facility before you visit.

Commercial Waste & Dumping

All commercial waste must be taken to the facility where it can be assessed for necessary charges before being dumped.

Council does not operate a commercial waste pick up service. Should your business require an additional wheelie bin or a new kerbside collection please complete the relevant forms and send to Council.

Your Collection Days

Council’s Roadside Collection Service comprises the emptying of authorized 240L wheelie bins in each eligible property, twice per week on regular days and times.
A maximum of 2 wheelie bins is allowed per residential property:

  • 1 wheelie bin for residential properties with 5 or less occupants
  • 2 wheelie bins for residential properties with more than 5 occupants.

Commercial properties can have additional bins. These are subjected to an additional fee per additional bin.

Council might also provide its Roadside Collection Service to ‘one off events’.

On collection days, make sure your bin is put on the kerbside with the lid opening facing the street. This will help our team to provide quick and efficient service to all residents.

Make sure you don’t leave your bins out on the street. Cheeky dogs can knock them and all their rubbish over making a big mess.

Hard Waste

Hard Waste consists of general household items not suitable for 240L Wheelie Bins due to size, mass or chemical properties and not including Unacceptable Waste.

For residential properties only, the Roadside Collection Service includes up to INSERT NUMBER Hard Waste Collections per annum per property.

Pre-Cyclone Season Hard Waste Clean

Once a year, usually in November, Council will promote one Pre-Cyclone Season Hard Waste Clean Up.

This clean-up will be advertised with at least one week’s notice and will include the removal from residential properties of any hard waste that can cause a hazard in case of a cyclone.

New Service, Wheelie Bin & Car Removal Application Forms

Please contact Council should you require support in the following:

  • apply to a new kerbside collection service for a new property or for a property currently not being serviced;
  • replace a lost/stolen/damaged wheelie bin; or
  • remove an old damaged vehicle from your property.

Contact Us

For more information on our Waste Management Program, contact us today:

Executive Manager Infrastructure and Technical Services
Mornington Shire Council
Email:  david.sechtig@mornington.qld.gov.au
Mobile: 0447 664 914

Phone: 07 4745 7832