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Your Council

Mornington Island

Our Vision

  • To empower our Community – Our people
  • To feel solid and strong like the rock in Mundalbe
  • To taste and hear the breaking waves of change
  • To establish clean, safe, healthy lifestyles togetherness
  • Pride and respect for each other in our culture, achievements and successes
  • To see and smell the compassion and peacefulness of our community

Mornington Shire was formed in 1978, situated in the Gulf of Carpentaria in North West Queensland covering a landmass of approximately 1274km2 and has a population of approximately 1143 permanent residents.

The Shire comprises of the twenty-two islands that make up the Wellesley Island, with Mornington Island, Bentinck Island, and Sweers Island the largest. The Shire is arguably one of the most remote and isolated Local Governments in Northern Australia.

The islands and surrounding seas are the traditional lands and waters of the Lardil, Yangkaal, Kaiadilt and Gangalidda peoples with residents taking pride in their ability to walk in two worlds, keeping true to traditions.

The world famous Mornington Island Dancers

The region is renowned for its rich Indigenous culture, expressed most prominently through the Mornington Island dancers and the internationally acclaimed artwork that has emerged from the community in recent times. It also remains one of the most pristine anywhere with the land is covered by native flora like tea tree, swamp flats providing a habitat for many species of wildlife, and is recognised as one of the best fishing destinations in Australia.

Mornington Shire Council headquarters are based in the only township, Gununa on Mornington Island and is approximately 444km north of Mount Isa and 28km off the coast of mainland Australia. Council delivers a range of vital services that extend into the community and commercial services supporting ongoing sustainability of our community and homelands, quality of life, employment and, provision of basic services that no other organisations deliver in our area.

Council remains firmly committed to its vision for the Mornington Shire, first articulated in 2014: Let’s move the region forward, together.

We encourage you to join in the conversations: voice concerns, celebrate positive outcomes, learn from mistakes, be proactive, keep our culture alive, work towards an even better tomorrow and assist council in making our region one of Australia’s most sustainable and liveable remote indigenous shires.

Mornington Shire Council –supporting an engaged, resilient and inclusive community that embraces diversity.

Council's Values

At Mornington Island, we value:

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Hard work
  • Working together
  • Proud to belong

Our Goals

Our goals are to make the Wellesley Islands the best place they can be by:

  • Enhancing community well-being
  • Keeping our Culture alive
  • Creating opportunities for prosperity
  • Protecting our country
  • Enhancing and supporting local business
  • Having greater transparency and open communication between the three tiers of government.


By 2021 Mornington will be a Community where:

  • Our people are happy, healthy and safe.
  • Our natural environment is valued and well-managed.
  • Our culture is retained and maintained.
  • We have quality infrastructure.
  • We have a sustainable local economy.
  • Governance and ownership of Community direction is by Council.
  • We have transparency of government and open communication between the three tiers of Government

Your Mornington Island Council

We welcome visitors and residents alike, and warmly thank you in advance for taking care of our unique island, our friendly town and our beautiful people.