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Complaints & Feedback Lodgement

Council complaints procedure

Council is committed and accountable to our local community for our decisions, actions and services. We welcome and value all feedback as it helps us continually improve our service delivery across the Region. Elected Members are also accountable to the local community for the way they behave in the conduct
of their duties for Council.

Mornington Shire Council’s Complaints Management Process ensures the transparent, effective and timely resolution of all complaints, and is governed by the Local Government Act 2009 incorporating the Local Government Regulation 2012.

    PART A: Contact Details

    PART B: Nature of Contact

    PART C: Incident Details


    If yes, tell us who you spoke to, what you were told and why you are still dissatisfied. Attach copies of any documentation you have from your previous contact.

    For new complaints / incidents, tell us what happened? WHo was involved? When and where did it happen? Does your complaint involve a decision that impacts on you, or the quality of service? Make sure you tell us the specific area where the problem occurred.

    PART D: What to Expect

    We take complaints seriously. We will contact you within 8 working days of receipt of this complaint and advise you of what we will do and the expected timeframe. Your information will be treated confidentially. We will inform you of progress within 21 working days. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.

    By submitting this Complaint & Feedback Form, you acknowledge, agree and consent:

    • that all statements contained herein are true and correct; and

    • to this document being used in the investigation of the complaint; and if deemed appropriate by the Council, used in actions pertaining to the complaint; and

    • that you will assist the Council fully in the investigation of this complaint and any action following the resolution of the complaint. You may be required to provide evidence in a Court of Law or other forum; and

    • to the release of your identity to the person[s] subject of the complaint; and

    • to the release of your allegations to the person[s] subject of the complaint.

    Yes, I agree

    *Please note that there is a 10MB upload limit on the form upload. For larger files please contact the council direct on info@mornington.qld.gov.au