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What a load of rubbish

An operation to clean up over two hundred wrecked cars has commenced in the Wellesley Island Group Queensland.

Dedicated to protecting the pristine region, the Mornington Shire Council has partnered with Carpentaria Freight to clear tonnes of rusted car bodies from the isolated Mornington Island refuge, just before the wet / summer / holiday season begins.
This colossal environmental project has already seen several barge loads of discarded vehicles and equipment removed from the town, taken to a mainland transfer station located near Karumba.
Council’s Executive Manager of Technical Services Mr Andrew Thompson says the clean – up will be an ongoing process until 2017.
“Due to a lack of state and federal funding, these cars have been laying dormant in the Mornington Shire refuge for over 40 years, but now with this operation underway and the support from the only barge contractor, our primary focus is to remove unsafe structures, care for country, protect our unique animal species and provide our residents with a greater quality of life… and we are one step closer to greater beautification,” Mr Thompson says.
The Mornington Shire Council is always seeking local volunteers to become advocates for greater environmental health, advocating on issues of concern.
Mayor Bradley Wilson says there are statistics that suggest rubbish / waste collected across Queensland has nearly doubled in 12 months.
“We plan to take a lead role in actioning measures for greater environmental awareness in our region and the greater Gulf.”
If you would like to enquire about environmental projects in the Wellesley Island Group, please contact tc@mornington.qld.gov.au or ceo@mornington.qld.gov.au