The Electoral Commissioner has approved the declaration of Richard Sewter as Mornington Shire Council Mayor, and the Declaration Notice has been published on the ECQ website.

View the declaration here.

Further, the Electoral Commissioner has approved the declaration of … Read More

Proposed Development Notices (Planning Act 2016)

Council advises that submissions are open between 11 March – 3 April 2024, relating to the following Proposed Development.

Proposed Material Change of Use (Multiple Dwelling)

Where: 27 Lardil Street and 911

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❝So you want to be councillor?❞

You can make a difference and represent your community as a councillor or mayor.

The Local Government elections will be held on 16 March 2024. If you’ve ever considered running for council, now’s the

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Have your say 

On 5 June 2023, the Australian and Queensland Governments announced over $160 million to phase-out gillnet fishing in the Great Barrier Reef and to address other high-risk fishing activities. 

Commitments relating to the Queensland Gulf of Carpentaria … Read More

The time has come to cast your vote on the Referendum.

The Australian Constitution is a document that outlines the fundamental principles for the system of government in Australia. The only way to change the Constitution is by holding a … Read More

Council is pleased to share with community and stakeholders the KPMG Final Report on the ‘Independent Audit and Analysis of Government and Government Funded Services Delivered to Mornington Island’.

The report provides information about providers, duplication of efforts, service … Read More

Interested in hearing about what’s going on around our community and the work Council is doing?

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Mornington Shire Council (“Council”) has adopted a Wandering Horses Strategy.

This Strategy aims to address the issue of wandering horses in the community by either relocating them to Council’s Designated Horse Enclosure or by relocating the animal to … Read More


Mornington Shire Council (“Council”) wishes to advise the community that it will be seizing all horses that are found wandering at large and impounding them at Council’s Horse Enclosure Area.

Mustering will be carried … Read More


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The Hon Linda Burney MP

Minister for Indigenous Australians


Mayor Kyle Yanner

Mayor of Mornington Shire



The young people of Mornington Island will get

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