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Runway matters


Mornington Shire Council has worked with Transport Main Roads to develop a timeline for the urgent repairs to the runway at the Mornington Island Aerodrome.
The procurement process will commence from October 6 and materials will begin to arrive on the remote island over the next two weeks.
With an external crew of 24, TMR will run the project with assistance from the local indigenous workforce to complete this major project worth $8 million dollars.
Working seven days a week (from November 1), the crew will complete repairs in two stages to allow essential services (RFDS and REX public transport charters etc.) the ability to continue operations.
Stage 1 works will start at the eastern end of the runway (up to the cross section).
Once completed, Stage 2 will complete the western end of the runway.
Estimated project completion will be in 32 days – 45 days worst case scenario.