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Rare white crocodile


Rumours of a rare white crocodile have been confirmed with several sightings from locals in the Wellesley Island group.
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Key points:

  • Believed to be 7 foot long
  • Reptile is believed to be living in a five-hectare dam
  • Unusual influx of saltwater crocodiles this wet season
  • Locals speculate whether crocodile could be suffering genetic condition or sunburn
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The three or four metre-long reptile is believed to be living in a five-hectare dam — the town’s water source — on Mornington Island, in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Already home to the rare bee-eating Kingfisher, Dugong and endangered Brolga, this specimen could assist the region even more in building on its eco-tourism (and local economy).
There have also been sightings of a five metre crocodile “Salty” – with Australia Zoo Head Curator stating this size indicates the croc may be close to 100 years.
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