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AMP for public review


Mornington Shire Council AMP Review 

Comments or submissions can be lodged to ceo@mornington.qld.gov.au until the close of business on 11th October 2017.

Hard copies available for viewing at the Mornington Shire Council main office.

Excerpt from review:
Carriage limit
Mornington Island has a multicultural population that are not stereotyped in behaviour and the community view is that any carriage limit introduced under the Alcohol Management Plan should not only apply to beer other alcoholic drinks as well. The following options have been suggested as appropriate to be available for all residents.  8 cans of

  • 8 cans of mid strength alcohol per person per day e.g. beer or mixed drinks such as UDL, or
  • Up to 1 litre of wine in a plastic bottle per person per day e.g. piccolos or 750ml bottle.

These limits are suggested with the intent that each resident is limited to only one of the above options daily. However, with this option, of concern to community is the ability for this carriage limit to effectively address the situation of community members wishing to travel to country for holidays and weekends and their desire to take more than 8 cans per person in total to do that i.e. “going bush for a week and take the equivalent of 8 cans per day out bush equals 40 to 56 cans depending on how long you are going”.