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Art is key to connection


Way too ‪#‎deadly‬ and made by the hands of Indigenous high school students at Mornington Island State School, Gununa.
Art teacher, Mr Ben Landers, has worked with the students to create a collection of badges that feature totems and culturally significant objects from the island.
Mr Landers says each badge is attached to a lino print on cardboard and includes the Lardil(local language) name for the totem/object.
If you are a resident in Australia, it would be amazing for you to learn some of this beautiful language (from the Wellesley Island group) including:
‪#‎barramundi‬ – daan
Sea Turtles – kendabal
Stingray – thurarra
Boomerang – wagal
Mangrove crab – bingkurn
‪#‎Morning‬ Star – ngarijan
“The group are currently selling the badges through Mirndiyan Gununa – Mornington Island and are also planning to sell them through Kickarts Contemporary Arts, Cairns – please visithttp://www.morningtonisland.com.au/mi-art-shop/ to purchase these deadly – one – off – pieces.
(Funds are going to directly support a larger art project made by the school).
The project was only made possible through the guidance of cultural advisor (and respected local songman) Lawrence Burke, with educational assistants Mary Wilson and Violet Thomas who provided the group with the cultural knowledge, including dreamtime stories, to create the works.
The project has provided students with an opportunity to enrich their own cultural identity and develop an insight into the art market, which provides significant employment opportunities for ‪#‎Indigenous‬ people living in remote communities.
Mornington Shire Council CEO says these art works produced by Mornington Island State High School students really showcase the immense abilities of remote youth who are fusing traditional and modern art styles while maintaining strong connections to the cultures present in the pristine Wellesley Island Group.
“Mornington Shire Council applauds local initiatives that strive for great balance between education and indigenous culture connectedness, something all Australian schools should aim towards.”
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