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Public consultation open – Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2016


Mornington Shire Council (“Council”) has resolved to propose amendments to Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2016 to:

  1. require stallions to be desexed by the age of 12 months unless otherwise approved by Chief Executive Officer.
  2. include a new schedule identifying the “designated town area”, by reference to the map contained in Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2016.

You can view the proposed amendments here.

Council invites the public to provide written submissions on the amendments on or before 5.00pm,  30 September, 2021.

Written submissions may be provided to Council in writing and/or may be delivered to Council by:
Email: jbodenmann@prestonlaw.com.au
Posted: PO Box 707N, North Cairns Qld 4870
Hand delivered: Council’s office at 1 Mission Road, Gununa Qld 4892.

For more information, please contact Julian Bodenmann at jbodenmann@prestonlaw.com.au or 07 4052 0717.