Mornington Shire Council’s vision for community is moving forward, together. Our vision is for a healthy and sustainable community, where people can influence decisions that affect their own lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities. A community in which everyone is valued and treated equally. Our future is in our hands – we will get out of it what we put into it. 

Council recognises we are part of a global movement for change, one that empowers people to create a future that is secure and just.

Given that we don’t know what the future looks like and we can’t always prepare people for certainty, Mornington Shire Council aims to assist the community in preparing for uncertainty. To do this, organisations working together with Council can start creating opportunities and programs that cultivate skills within the region – allowing individuals to participate, learn and think strategically, process new information efficiently, make critical decisions about that information, and access it at a later time. Skills including communication, problem solving, creativity and organisation encourage the development of social and emotional competencies that are critical for work, life and community.


Because employment alone cannot absorb a surge in labour supply, community energy must be channelled towards other productivities. Fortunately, Mornington Shire residents are hungry to make a positive difference and represent an extraordinary window of opportunity to propel profound change in the region.

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