Right To Information

Right To Information

Giving the community greater access to information

Accessing Government Information

Right to Information is the Queensland Government’s approach to giving the community greater access to information. The Queensland Government has made a commitment to provide access to information held by the government, unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information.

The Right to Information Act 2009 (PDF)* and Information Privacy Act 2009 (PDF)* came into effect on 1 July 2009, replacing the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

The Right to Information reforms aim to make more information available, provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community, and provide appropriate protection for individuals’ privacy.

If you require more information please contact the Governance Department on 0747457805.

Statutory Time Frames

Valid applications must be processed within 25 business days of receipt. A further 10 business days can be added if consultation with third parties are required.

The department may negotiate a further extension of time with the applicant, if additional processing time is required. This extension of time does not affect an applicant’s right of review.

Annual Reports

The annual report is one of the ways council connects with the community. It shows:

  • council’s commitment to achieve its vision for the region
  • the results of actioning the corporate and operational plans
  • details of council’s achievements
  • details of the services that have been provided to the region
  • council being transparent and accountable.




If you are unable to find the information you are searching for, please contact Council on:

Customer Support : 07 4745 7800
Human Services Department : 07 4745 7813
Financial Services Department : 07 4745 7803
Technical Services Department : 07 4745 7830
Governance Support : 07 4745 7805

Alternately please email: governance@mornington.qld.gov.au

Requesting Information

You can request information by:

Alternatively you can download:

Fees and Charges

Please note, Mornington Shire Council may charge a fee for all Right to Information applications.



Amending Personal Information Held By Government

You can apply to have any of your personal information held by the Queensland Government amended if you believe it is:

  • Inaccurate
  • Incomplete
  • Out-of-date
  • Misleading.

If you wish to amend the information, you must first complete the Information Privacy Personal Information Amendment Application Form and then submit it to Right to Information Services.

Right Of Review

If you are dissatisfied with our decision, you can apply to have that decision examined under internal review by an officer within the department of equal or higher level. Alternatively, you may apply for an external review direct to the Office of the Information Commissioner irrespective of whether the department has internally reviewed the decision.

An application to have a decision internally reviewed must be made within 20 business days of the date of the letter communicating the original decision. If you remain dissatisfied with the department’s internal review decision, you may still request an external review by the Information Commissioner .

For external review, you must apply in writing to the Information Commissioner within 20 business days of the date of the internal review decision, or within 20 business days of the original decision if you elect to bypass internal review and proceed direct to external review.

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