Travel to and from Mornington Island

Travel to Mornington Island (Designated Area)

From the 12 June 2020, restrictions put in place by the Australian Government under the Biosecurity Determination outlining travel restrictions to designated areas will no longer apply to Mornington Island and other Queensland communities. The permit system previously initiated for travel to and from Mornington Island is no longer valid.

In its place will be a new Restricted Access to Remote Communities Direction which has been initiated by the Queensland Chief Health Officer and outlines the requirements for travel in and out of designated areas. Mornington Island remains defined as a 'designated area'.

This direction includes fewer restrictions on residents and most travel that was previously permitted under the Biosecurity Determination will continue under the Restricted Access to Remote Communities Direction. View the Restricted Access to Remote Communities Direction here.

Declared Travel Zones & Designated Areas.

The new direction outlines specific Declared Travel Zones for each designated area and allows a resident to travel anywhere in their declared travel zone for any purpose such as shopping or to visit friends and family.

Residents will not be required to quarantine after returning from another designated area or from within a declared travel zone for their community. Residents may visit the declared travel zone for any length of time including staying for as many nights as they want.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Residents must be carrying proof of identity and address indicating they are a resident of Mornington Island or Declared Travel Zone.

Designated Area      
Mornington Island
Burke Shire

Declared Travel Zone
Mount Isa

Are any permits required?

No. The old permit system is no longer being implemented. You will need to make sure you understand the new direction and what exemptions or Remote Communities Pass you may need before you start your travel.

Residents of a designated area do not need any passes or permits to travel within their declared travel zone or other designated areas.

If you are a family member visiting a resident and NOT a resident of a designated area, you MUST apply for Remote Communities Pass. Apply Here. You will not be permitted access to the designated area without this pass.

A resident of who lives anywhere in a declared travel zone may enter the designated area for that travel zone to visit a family member without quarantining. Residents of declared travel zones need to complete a Remote Communities Pass before travelling to visit family in a designated area. You must present the pass at the vehicle check point or boarding gate to the designated area to prove you are a resident of the declared travel zone.

If your are travelling to Mornington Island from outside the designated area for sorry business you will require an Exemption.

Will I need to quarantine?

A resident returning from travel to a location other than a designated areas or their declared travel zone, will need to complete 14 days of quarantine in a suitable place. Your home may be suitable. You should review the advice available on the Queensland Health website for more information.

A person who wants to visit family in a designated area and is coming from a place outside the declared travel zone (other than another designated area) must quarantine for 14 days.

There are some exemptions which include students returning home from boarding school, patients travelling for health appointments, and residents returning from corrective services and youth detention facilities.

Visit this page for more information.

Essential Workers

A person entering a designated area to provide an essential service such as health care, education, policing or legal services will need to have a risk management plan in place. You can continue to use an approved Biosecurity Risk Management Plan that is still relevant to your employment.

From 12 June 2020, essential workers entering a designated area what do not have an approved Biosecurity Risk Management Plan in place will need to complete a Queensland Risk Management Plan unless one of the below exceptions apply. A Queensland Risk Management Plan can be downloaded from the Queensland Government website.

An essential worker will not be required to have a risk management plan if they are:

  • entering the designated area from a declared travel zone for the designated area; or
  • the work they are undertaking is urgent.

Need more information?

You can contact Mornington Shire Council for more information regarding travel to and from Mornington Island.

[t]  07 4745 7823


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