Council Goals

Services snapshot:

A range of services underpin the operations and activities of Mornington Shire Council – namely financial and procurement services, human resource management, governance, information and communication technology, property management, building and facility maintenance, customer and community relations and fleet management. The cost of these corporate services is proportionally allocated to each of the 25 services the community receives. 

Airport Aeronautical operations: passenger related services and management services for Mornington Island Aerodrome

Beaches, foreshores, coastal infrastructure: potential dredging and sand replenishment, jetties, boat ramps, beach access, weirs and pumps

Bushland conservation and habitat: partnerships and education programs to protect and enhance biodiversity assets, pest animal and plant mitigation, natural area reserve network protection, enhancement and management, fire management programs

Cemeteries: providing funeral services and maintaining cemeteries for burial and ashes internment

Community and cultural development and partnerships: planning, partnering and supporting the community through a range of community development, civic and cultural programs and grants

Community venues: providing, managing and administering the hiring and leasing of community and cultural venues

Development services: planning, engineering, plumbing and landscaping approvals, provision of specialist advice to the community on planning requirements, audit of private development works, investigation of complaints from the public around land use or development, management of appeals

Disaster management: regional disaster management co-ordination including prevention, preparation, response and recovery

Economic development: industry and business programs and initiatives to support the growth of the regional economy

Elected council: community leadership, democratic representation, advocacy and decision-making

Holiday parks: aiming to provide and operate a greater range of holiday parks including caravan, camping and cabin facilities

Libraries: advocating to provide greater access to information and learning opportunities through static and mobile libraries and loanable items

Lifeguards: aiming to gain regular patrol of beaches to ensure the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Local amenity and local laws: maintaining and regulating local amenity through local laws, community land permits, and management of animals, overgrown land and abandoned vehicles

Public health: protecting public health by managing declared pests, controlling mosquitoes and administering environmental health regulations

Quarries: provision of quarry products for construction, architectural and landscaping purposes

Public lighting: lobbying for funding to provide more public lighting

Recreation parks, trails and facilities: in the process of designing a major recreational hubas part of council’s plan for public open spaces – for active and passive recreation

Rivers, streams, estuaries and water bodies: maintaining of stormwater quality devices, water quality monitoring, litter collection and riverbank rehabilitation

Roads: maintaining and improving the road network and associated assets (sealed and gravel roads, bridges and pathways), advocating for public pathways, vegetation management, construction and project delivery services, permit fees, private works, levies

Road network management: road transport infrastructure planning, design and delivery, road safety and traffic management, public education programs, streetscapes planning and place making

Sporting facilities: advocating to provide regional, district and community sport and recreation facilities including aquatic centres, showgrounds and multi-sports fields

Stormwater drainage: aiming to manage stormwater drainage systems

Sustainable growth and network planning: land use planning, social policy, infrastructure planning and charges, flood mapping, transportation planning, environmental initiatives

Waste and resource management: collection and disposal of solid and liquid wastes, operation of waste transfer facilities and landfills, recycling and materials recovery, community education programs



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