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Mornington Shire Council is motivated and committed to serving our community members. We are passionate about the region, and have adopted the Resource Centre as a means of benefitting the community through invaluable knowledge. Council believes in transparency, particularly in large organisations such as government. Therefore, Mornington Shire aims toinform our community through the readership and engagement of policies, procedures, strategies, projects, reports etc., enabling our peoples to build their own understanding.

Council aims to work with community to learn, strategise and development futher documents regarding:

·         Weddings, Ceremonies and Events

·         Filming in Mornington Shire

·         Native title, natural heritage listings, culturally significant sites and memorials

Further Questions Regarding Council Resources

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Resource Centre

Request for Tender – Barge Freight Services

Revenue Statement (2018-2019) V2 APPROVED

Policy Manual. v2

Mornington Shire Council Corporate Plan – Approved – 2018 – 2023

Fees and Charges- Approved 2018-2019

Mornington Island Capacity Statement 2018-2019

Projected Consolidated Budget Analysis Report – 2018-19

Capital Asset Summary – Budget 2018-19

Projected Cashflow Statement – 2018-19

Projected Statement of Changes to Equity – 2018-19

Projected Statement of Comprehensive Income – 2018-19

Projected Statement of Financial Position – 2018-19

Revenue Policy 2018-2019 APPROVED

Revenue Statement (2018-2019) V2 APPROVED

Projected Operating Statement – 2018-19

Tenders Register

Account holders – please note the above policy is now enforced, therefore those with Outstanding Debts greater than 60 days can result in accounts being suspended indefinitely with recovery action may be undertaken.

Council is committed to community

We are always interested in ways to improve our services. The material contained in this website is made available on the understanding that Mornington Shire Council is not providing professional advice, and that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to its use, and seek independent advice if necessary. The council makes no representations or warranties as to the contents or accuracy of the information contained on this website. To the extent permitted by law, Mornington Shire Council disclaims liability to any person or organisation in respect of anything done or omitted to be done, in reliance upon information or images contained on this website.

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